For your application to be processed it must be completed correctly

  • Compulsory attachment must be completed correctly and attached. Ethical approval for your study could be submitted after acceptance.
  • The research question should be clear and precise. Broad studies with wide and general hypotheses will not be processed.
  • The application fee must be paid.

You apply by filling out the application form at the bottom of the page and send it to SIMPLER’s office, The application will be screened, and if not complete, you will be asked to complete it before further processing. Depending on the complexity of the study design and extent of the study, either the director or the steering committee will evaluate your application. If questions remain or further information is needed for the evaluation we will contact you. You are welcome to resubmit you application after suggested revisions have been made if your application is rejected. If the director rejects your application you have the possibility to appeal to the steering committee.

Applications are evaluated continously.

If you have problems choosing specific variables from the variable code key, you can describe the desired variables in your application or contact the SIMPLER office for help. If your application is accepted, the variable list may then be updated in dialogue with the director. This is to ensure that you get the best and correct variables to answer your research question.

The figure decscribes the application process of SIMPLER.

The following appendices are compulsory:

  • Project description, maximum 3 pages, Times new Roman font size 12, including general background, aims and hypothesis, methodology and references.
  • CV for Principal Investigator.
  • If PI is a junior researcher; description of research environment and collaborators.
  • Ethical application and ethical approval (can be submitted after first approval).
  • Completed variable list form.
  • Exclusion criteria.
  • If applicable, completed biobank sample form.

Upon approval, fees must be paid and the personal data processing agreement must be signed before we can go forward with setting up the data analysis project or preparation and shipping of samples. All data analyses will be performed within a designated project at the computational cluster Bianca (SNIC-SENS, Uppmax).

Application form

Code keys for variables