From 1 January 2020 you apply electronically for SIMPLER data at SIMPLER's core page in iLab, scroll down for more information and iLab guides. Applications are evaluated continuously and incomplete applications will be returned with request for additional amplementation before further processing (application form guide, PDF). Ethical approval and final variable list can both be attached at a later stage. The application fee will be deducted from the total cost if the project is approved. All data analyses will be performed within a designated project at the computational cluster Bianca (NAISS SENS, Uppmax), read more about access to Bianca.

Pleas notice that

  • The research question should be clear and precise. Broad studies with wide and general hypotheses will not be processed.
  •  Compulsory attachment must be completed correctly and attached. Ethical approval for your study may be submitted after acceptance, but note that no data will be delivered before there is an ethical approval. Following attachments are compulsory
    • Project description, maximum 3 pages, Times New Roman font size 12, including general background, aims and hypothesis, methodology and references.
    • CV for Principal Investigator.
    • If PI is a junior researcher; description of research environment and collaborators.
    • Ethical application and ethical approval.
    • Completed variable list form.
    • If applicable, completed biobank sample form.

Depending on the complexity of the study design and extent of the study, either the director or the steering committee will evaluate your application. If questions remain or further information is needed for the evaluation we will contact you. You are welcome to resubmit your application after suggested revisions have been made if your application has been rejected. If the director rejects your application you have the possibility to appeal to the steering committee.

If you have problems choosing specific variables from the variable code key, you can describe the desired variables in your application or contact the SIMPLER office for help. If your application is accepted, the variable list may then be updated in dialogue with the director. This is to ensure that you get the best and correct variables to answer your research question.

Upon approval, a personal data processing agreement must be signed before data delivery if PI is not affiliated to Uppsala University. Likewise, preparation and shipping of samples cannot be done for external PIs without a signed material transfer agreement.

Electronic application process

From 1 January 2020 you apply electronically for SIMPLER data at SIMPLER's core page in iLab. Below is a short guide to a quick start, but more information on how to use iLab is found in the guide to iLab (pdf). If you are a PI and do not have an account in iLab you can use the quick guide for PIs (pdf) to get started. 

Following steps need to be taken before you can submit your SIMPLER-application (called request in iLab).

  • If you’re not already registered in iLab you need to register. Go to SIMPLER's core page and click on Register in top right corner, you will receive an email when you have been registered as a user and able to continue with the steps below. If you’re already registered click on Sign in in the top right corner and login using your SWAMID/iLab credentials.
  • If you’re not the PI nor registered as a user, you register as a user and choose lab (equivalent to reserach group), you can belong to more than one lab if needed. Ones your PI has approved and added you to the lab/research group, you can continue with your application to SIMPLER, you will receive an email when the PI has authorized you.
  • As a PI you need to connect account/s to your lab before requests can be submitted in the system.
    • Click on the horisontal lines found at the top left corner.
    • Choose My groups.
    • Choose the tab Membership requests and funds, tabs are found to the right almost at the top of the page.
    • Scroll down to Manually add funds, insert your account number and click Add.
    • Now you should see your account under Manage funds at the top of the page.
  • Go to SIMPLER's core page, you find all available cores in the left menu that is opened when you click on the horizontal lines at the left top corner, and choose Core facilities.
  • Choose the tab Request service, choose your PI/lab, click Proceed, and click Initiate request to the right in the middle of the page. Fill out the form step by step, application form guide (PDF). You can either save and go back and continue later or enter all requested information and submit to request to the core, i.e. SIMPLER, at once.

Code keys for variables

Last modified: 2023-07-05