Bianca and NAISS SENS

Data delivery and processing

All data will be delivered to a project specific folder on the secure server Bianca, provided by National Academic Infrastructure for Supercomputing in Sweden, NAISS (former Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing, SNIC) and hosted by Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science, UPPMAX. This is also were all processing of SIMPLER data must be performed. Please read the instructions on how to create an account and apply for processing space, a SIMLPER round.

See Uppmax courses and workshops for courses on introductionto Bianca. Uppmax also offers advanced courses.

For reserachers outside Uppsala university a Data Transfer Agreement needs to be signed between the researchers affiliation and SIMPLER before processing space is approved in Bianca and the data set delivered. Be aware of that all data from SIMPLER must be received and processed in Bianca. Data is not allowed to be downloaded or processed outside this technical solution. Only results and tables/graphs may be downloaded and stored/edited on an extern unit such as a laptop or hard drive.

If you are the head of a pooling project or a consortia where Bianca is a non-optimal solution, contact the SIMPLER office for more information.

Data management Plan

Projects funded by the Swedish Research Council, and approved after 1st January 2019, needs a data management plan, DMP.  You are welcome to use this word template writing a DMP, but note that SIMPLER is not responsible for the content of your DMP noor responsible for you to establish one.

Last modified: 2023-11-10