Code keys for variables

Please notice that SIMPLER has a new and updated variable list. The tab Categories and Content gives you an overview of how the information is structured, it is recommended that you go through that tab before starting to choose variables.

SIMPLER variable list SMC and COSM 1987-2019 (excel document). When applying for data, delete unwanted variables and keep requested variables in the variable list you upload in iLab. Use this swedish version of the variable list when needed, for example for ethical applications (excel file). DO NOT use the swedish version when applying for data.

If you want to convert to the former variable names use this conversion file (excel document).

Variables from registries (swedish, excel document) at the National Board of Health and Welfare. Variables in english (excel document).

For an english description of the registers at the National Board of Health and Welfare please visit the english version of their webpage.

A code key for the clinical cohorts is under revison, meanwhile you are welcome to contact SIMPLER office for details if you would like to ask for clinical variables.


Last modified: 2024-01-22