Cohort of Swedish Men - COSM

The large population-based prospective Cohort of Swedish Men was established in 1997 in central Sweden.

In the fall of 1997 all men born between 1918 and 1952 in Västmanland and Örebro Counties (central Sweden), received an invitation to participate in the study, in total 100,303 men. The invitation included the same self-administered questionnaire used for the follow up of women in the Swedish Mammography Cohort in year 1997. The questionnaire included information about modifiable lifestyle factors such as diet, physical activity, smoking, weight, use of dietary supplements, some prescribed drugs, alcohol intake in addition to some gender specific questions. A total of 48,850 (49% response rate) men returned a questionnaire, after exclusions, 45,906 men remained in the cohort.

In 2008, a second questionnaire was sent to all members of the Cohort of Swedish Men who were still alive, 37,861 men. The 2008 Health questionnaire collected information on general health status, disease diagnoses, current weight, height, waist and hip circumferences, dental health, medication use, sleep habits, urine and bowel habits, family history of selected diseases, stress, and social support. The response rate were 78% resulting in 29,503 valid answers.

An additional third questionnaire was sent in 2009 to those cohort members who completed the 1997 questionnaire, 29,068 men and a 90% response rate. The 2009 Life style questionnaire collected information on diet and alcohol intake (132-item FFQ), dietary supplements, smoking, physical activity, and sun habits. After removing invalid answers there were 26,100 participants left.

A third follow up of the Cohort of Swedish Men was performed in 2019 using the same questionnaires as in 2008/2009. The Health questionnaire was sent in January 2019 to all living participants in the cohort, 26,392 men, of which 72% responded. The number of valid answers were 18,916. The Lifestyle questionnaire was sent in September 2019 to all men responding to the Health questionnaire and alive, 18,746 men, resulting in a response rate of 86% and 16,166 valid answers.

The Cohort of Swedish Men include GWAS-data for approximately 31,000 participants. This will facilitate studies of genetic susceptibility and of interplay/interactions between lifestyle factors and genes in the development of chronic diseases. For more information you are welcome to contact the SIMPLER office.

Swedish version of the questionnaires.

Last modified: 2023-11-10