Publication policy

  • At publication and other dissemination of results based on data and/or samples from the infrastructure, the infrastructure must be acknowledged by stating the infrastructure name and the Scientific Research Council grant no, 2017-00644. At publications of scientific articles this should be done under the heading ”Acknowledgement” or equivalent. This obligation is valid for infrastructure staff as well as other users of the infrastructure.  Example: ”We acknowledge SIMPLER for provisioning of facilities and experimental support and we would like to thank x, y and z for assistance. SIMPLER receives funding through the Swedish Research Council under the grant no 2017-00644 and 2021-00160."
  • If you have used any of the available -omics data you should also refer to the Swedish Research Council grant no 2017-06100 and Stiftelsen Olle Engkvist Byggmästare.
  • Similarly, the host of the computational resources needs to be acknowledged. Example:  "The computations were performed on resources provided by SNIC-SENS through the Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science (UPPMAX) under Project SIMPYYYYXXX."
  • Research results must be available as open access within six months after publication. This is preferably done by publication in an open access journal. Please do notice that journals with open access as optional may have a time lag for open access publication.
  • Some journals demand/ask for publication of data in connection with publication of the article. This is not in accordance with the general data protection regulation and this requirement cannot be met. Users are obliged to inform the journal about this, and can for example state ”Data are available from SIMPLER ( for researchers who meet the criteria, i.e an ethical approval is demanded, for access to SIMPLER data.”
  • Abstracts of manuscripts must be approved by SIMPLER’s director before the manuscript is submitted to a journal. If in doubt, the director can ask for a second review from SIMPLER’s steering committee.
  • The manuscript, in particular material and methods, must be reviewed by SIMPLER’s statistician before it is submitted to a journal. The statistician has the authority to perform control calculation/analysis of data handed out from SIMPLER.
  • There is no general request from the director or the steering committee of SIMPLER for co-authorship on publications including data from SIMPLER. Co-authorship is discussed if the concerned persons have significantly contributed to the publication, i.e. with their knowledge on the cohorts; see the Vancouver-rules.

If rules are violated, the steering committee of SIMPLER will decide on what action to take. The seriousness of the infringement determines action, the scale of action goes from a reminder to follow the rules, to suspension from the infrastructure and data access.

Last modified: 2023-03-28