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The SIMPLER smorgasbord

SIMPLER contains cohorts that are multidisciplinary longitudinal projects on the association of lifestyle and genetic factors with morbidity and mortality in middle-aged and elderly women and men. These large population-based prospective cohorts were established over 30 years ago for women and over 20 years ago for men. Over time, both cohorts have repeated assessments of exposures.

​The Swedish Mammography Cohort and the Cohort of Swedish Men are based on food-frequency questionnaires which also include questions on health and lifestyle. Both cohorts have clinical subcohorts for sampling of clinical measurements, including body composition, physical performance, cognitive function, and a collection of different biological samples, including blood, urine, stool, and fat tissue. Additional information on outcomes is accomplished through matching with national, regional, and local registers with high completeness.

Data and samples are available through an application process (see below). The extensiveness of the data allows for uncovering patterns and connections between diet, lifestyle, and diseases, and exploring the mechanism behind the outcome.

Graphic representation of the data in SIMPLER

Application process

If you have any questions regarding numbers of different outcomes for grant or ethical applications, or anything else, you are welcome to post them to the SIMPLER office.

For all the information neccessary for your application to access the SIMPLER data, visit the Data access page.

The application is a two step process. You have the possibility to complete your application with ethical approval and final variable lists at the second step. However, ethical approval and any data transfer/processing agreement need to be in place before data is released. Data is released to your project specific folder on the Bianca server, provided by NAISS (National Academic Infrastructure for Supercomputing in Sweden), where all data processing should take place. You can apply for a project specific folder on Bianca once your application is approved.

Graphic representation of the application process for a project in SIMPLER

The SIMPLER application consists of two steps. Firstly, your project plan and research questions need to be approved. Following that, your variable list can be approved.


For questions regarding the infrastructure, cohorts, or the SIMPLER biobank, you are welcome to contact the SIMPLER office at

For questions regarding the precossing of personal data at Uppsala University, please contact the data protection officer. This is easily done through the form available on the university's data protection policy webpage.