User Fees




5000 SEK

FFQ and registry data

20,000 SEK/dataset

Proteome profile

20,000 SEK/dataset

Metabolome profile

20,000 SEK/dataset

Genome profile (GWAS)

20,000 SEK/dataset

Metagenome profile (MetaPhlAn)

20,000 SEK/dataset

Metagenome profile (CHAMP)

50,000 SEK/dataset

Biological samples

20,000 SEK/sample batch + 2 SEK handling fee/µl sample

The application fee will be deducted from the total cost when the project is approved.

Please note, these fees apply to researchers in academia. For projects within the business sector, full coverage applies for data and samples.


For questions regarding the infrastructure, cohorts, or the SIMPLER biobank, you are welcome to contact the SIMPLER Office at

For questions regarding the precossing of personal data at Uppsala University, please contact the data protection officer. This is easily done through the form available on the university's Data protection policy webpage.